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Forbes Author | Making Business' More Human With Words

Yatin Khulbe has published articles for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost, Lifehack, Addicted2Success, GoodMenProject, PickTheBrain, and many other authoritative sites. His writing strategies always aim for winning hearts, minds, and more business.

The following elements pushed him to explore the web writing space:

-His ten-year mentally traumatic journey developed empathetic traits through self-compassion. Read more about his journey here (link: mushroom content.com/journey)
-Self-Introspection improved his listening skills to understand feelings, perspectives, and emotions.
-Inner confusion gave insights about human behavior.
-Insensitive remarks taught him how to be less judgmental and more responsive
-Pen and paper gave birth to resilience

His life-lessons allowed him to:

-Focus on audience goals and bring in more clarity
-Build loyalty and trust to win their hearts
-Simplify the gap between client demands and user expectation.

Contact: yatin@mushroomcontent.com
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