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Ready to tackle all your Content & SEO needs.

Hello! I'm Zach, and I want to write for you.

I'm a copywriter and content strategist with years of experience creating SEO-oriented content. Most recently I worked as a Content Creation Specialist at an SEO marketing firm. There I helped clients implement their SEO strategy by writing landing pages, product pages, blog posts, infographic copy, and more.

But I love freelancing. Gives me the opportunity to write best-quality content for the lowest possible price, and for good folks like you.

Two things you should know about me:

First, I love doing research and learning about new subject matter; in other words, I'm a total nerd. But this has helped me in my copywriting career. I'm able to quickly learn about new products and industries so I can write engaging copy about them. In the past, I've written about electronics, investment, personal finance, taxes, real estate, survival skills, furniture, and more. I'm also an SEO enthusiast and I use SEMRush and other SEO tools during my planning and outlining process.

Second, I'm a tremendous bookworm, and that's had a positive impact on my writing. I try to use storytelling (whether subtle or overt) to make a subject more engaging and digestible for readers. In fact, I think that storytelling is a necessity if you're going for conversions. A sale is just a story in which the customer is the damsel-in-distress, and your company is the noble hero who's come to save the day.

SEO copywriting makes me feel all giddy inside, so I'm excited to plan your content strategy or do your content grunt work. And you'll feel giddy, too, when you receive agency-quality content for a fraction of the price. Win-win for both of us.
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UC Santa Barbara, Film and Media Studies
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