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Hi, my name is Zebedee, a health writer from one of the most interesting countries in Africa, Kenya. Everyone wants to feel and look great! Your audience too need to achieve this healthily. With provocative and educative content, I will help you build your business into a brand, improve SEO, showcase your expertise to customers and improve their lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion on how I can improve your content.
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Technical University of Mombasa, BSc Electrical and Electronics
Mombasa, Kenya|English, Swahili

Published Content

5 Best Foods for Constipation You Should Never Miss
September, 15 2018
Blog Post
How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast: Home Remedies
April, 10 2018
Reasons for Fatigue Even After a Full Night’s Sleep
March, 6 2018
Blog Post
The Best Nutrition-Packed Meat Substitutes for Healthy Eating

Meat is a rich source of protein and iron. However, health conditions or caring about what you eat, can make you think of meat alternatives that offer the right amount of nutrients. Plant proteins are more than just a healthy option. They have a good nutrients level, that is complete when the diet is balanced properly. Check this post to find a variety of plant-based meat substitutes that complement each other.

March, 18 2018
Blog Post
Collagen Supplements: Benefits That Will Revitalize Your Health
February, 15 2018
Blog Post
Easy Tips to Avoid Failure in Quitting Smoking

It's never easy to overcome a habit. However, this post is intended to provide you with practical and easy to follow steps to help you or someone you love quit smoking.

February, 15 2018
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