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The content of my creation are my stories that may improve or perhaps provide a positive change, simply because this is what help me live my life the correct way


Hello my name is Zemina Sifontes and this is my Personal Statement Document.” Please allow me a moment of your time to explain my reason for contact. I would like to share the details of how I was able to overcome so many problems and issues that created difficult circumstances and challenging situation, which interrupted my life unexpectedly. Throughout my life I have had my fair share of happy and sad moment sometimes I stop and think for a moment and I can remember clearly that I have always had a great deal of unfairness and eventually it brought bad luck in to my life. The life style I once created for myself made me feel happy and also complete. . But before I begin telling my story of those events that helped me develop and discovery the Professional Freelance Writer and Author I was meant to be. You must understand these are my words written from my heart about my struggles and painful experiences of the life I had once lived. Everything I have experience separates me from the lesson I have learned that allow me the encouragement and confident to live each day in good faith and the positivity that surrounds me daily. The milestones of my life came at me without a warning and more than I would have liked. Nothing seemed to go my way are made much of a difference anymore to me because So many things I had dreamed only became an illusion not my reality. Day by day I tried my best to remain strong but I am not perfect; only human and there is no difference between you and me. The emotional pain I had been feeling deep within made it difficult for me to express my thoughts towards my situation that had me blind and unaware of what was happening all around me. My dear family members never came to save me. Torn and broken is the way I had felt for so many years of my life because of the pressure I was under created stress for me and also mix emotion. The obstacle that invaded my space of comfort is something I have never been able to understand why everything was beginning to challenge everything I had worked towards as far as my hopes and dreams and all of those things that mean so much to me. There were moments I tried to remain strong and take care of everything on my own but I am also human and there isn't much of a difference in me you see.
Although I may have stumbled alone the way but I am only human and I didn't deserve to be treated so unkind and I believe that was unfair as far as everything that was done to me . My hurt I held deep inside made it so hard for me to hide what I knew everyone now was able to see. During this timeframe of my life there wasn’t anyone I could have turned to for advice. My situation made it difficult for me and my pride and confidence was slowly slipping away and I could not get much sleep. During this time of my life I didn't want to face anyone or another day on this earth because of the hear say and the lies that was brought into my life. Deep within I wanted to release the pain I had held on for so many years. I could not go on and I tried to hold on and keep things in order. So many things went wrong for me and every since that event when I lost my son over a lie I haven’t been able to free my mind from those painful memories. Throughout my lifetime everything I had planned in terms of my goals and my future that I had wanted for myself as well as my little boy and those things that I had often dreamed of . It was my voice and the vision in my mind had become an illusion that kept me far for reality. The moment of my life that helped me realize everyday was slowly slipping away from me is that day I had become victimized by my situation and also my circumstances because this was planned for me by the hands of hate and jealousy.

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