Jonathan Moore

Graphic Designer, Writer

Hey, you made it! Now... let's get you there.

I'm a creator. Aren't we all. Ah but living ain't life now, is it? One thing about living is that it's about conducting the business (be-us-in-essence) of BEing. Everything is BEING BEing [ways of] Being. The business is the management and movement of currency, the flow and direction of energy, just as the business of economics is the same, currency, the flow of the energy and power. Having said that, since your soul's energy [spirit] is the common currency between us, let's not sell it or waste it. Especially over matters of paper. Let's really get down to the business of BEING BEing... us. How can i help?

Graphic design. Logo and Branding. Writing and Blogging. Voice, Audio and Video.
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