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Meet Zohaib Shoukat: A freelancer from the University of Management and technology Lahore who has been influential to the success of many brands including TIME, Club Traveler, and others. Zohaib has perfected the art of freelancing and has a knack for quality content.

However, great content is only the beginning. Winning clients and earning stake in opportunities becomes almost automatic with a perfectly curated CV. Zohaib Shoukat has got this down. Here are some key pointers from Angela's portfolio that anyone can apply to their own page:

1. His tagline is concise and to the point

Zohaib starts it off well with a tagline that cuts right to the chase. He lets whoever is looking at her profile know exactly the kinds of content she produces right away. While quotes and fun phrases might personalize the page here, it also will be the very first thing a prospective client reads. Make sure they know what they are getting early!

2. Zohaib highlights 3 key biography factors

Zohaib talks about three useful pieces of information in her biography. He begins with the exact type of content she is focused in (SEO). Clients will look for specificity such as this to narrow down their search.

Second, he establishes a line of credibility that shows his qualified background as a writer. It is clear that he has the skill set needed to accomplish quality content from both of these points.

Last, Zohaib adds in a few simple things about herself to help the client understand who he is as a person. These three factors blend together to showcase exactly who Zohaib is and what he can do for others.

3. His content is curated in sections that are easy to follow
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Case Study, Interview, Documentary, Live Event, Email Newsletter
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UMT, MS structural engineer
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan|English, Urdu

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