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Zorica is a part-time writer in Magazine Pečat. She writes about culture, literature, education. She worked as a part-time proofreader and editor in different publishing houses. For seven years, she was a librarian in Public Library Vlada Aksentijevic.
She is, in a core, a writer who published a book of poems, book reviews, academic writings, magazine articles, children's stories. She made seven exhibitions of writers and a few interviews.
She also made indexes, bio-bibliographies, and translations.
She attended two courses in University Library: Wiki-librarian and Information literacy in libraries: commercial and non-commercial electronic sources of information. She also worked on Library site: editing, writing content, updating, and digitalization.
She was on the jury of the Goethe Institute that selected young Serbian writers to take part in the Book Fair in Leipzig 2010.
Zorica received an M.A. in Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology, the University of Belgrade, in 2006. Her research interests are travel literature, Italy in culture, Miloš Crnjanski, cultural studies, psychoanalysis, memoirs, intertextuality, Bakhtin, Casanova, De Sade, Dante, Renaissance, the Enlightenment.
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Faculty of Philology, M. A. in Comparative Literature
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