Zuzanna Nazaruk

Content Strategist, Developmental Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Multidisciplinary narrator of social issues

I am a multidisciplinary creator whose main drive is translating social issues into relevant and relatable narratives. The topics of my interest include: migration and integration; climate emergency; the transforming role of the media; gender; conflict & peace resolutions; social psychology. I produce content in the forms of research papers, essays, scripts, poetry, short stories, opinion pieces, commercial texts (advertisements/applications of various types), podcasts. My experience can be summarized in three categories:

1. Research: I am a graduate of Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During my education, I designed and conducted various independent research projects. Examples include: the job market position of refugee women in the Netherlands or verbal manipulation in political communication on social media. During my university years, I also worked as a ghostwriter.

2. Commercial, promotional & content creation: In the past two years, I led various art projects. These experiences allowed me to acquire high-level skills in areas such as branding, project conceptualization and coordination, grant and commercial writing. I organized events that ranged from gallery openings to activist marches and my main responsibility was always writing of any kind, may it be on an organizational or promotional level. What is more, I worked as a blog author and a 'storyteller' for a social enterprise helping female refugees enter the Dutch job market. That experience helped me learn how to interview vulnerable members of society and then write about them in a fair, respectable way in order to foster social change.

3. Creative writing: I wrote and produced multiple short theater performances and short movies. I edited, directed and produced a physical theater play showcased during Erasmus Sustainability Days 2019. I write poetry and prose in Polish and English. I hosted and produced a podcast on the role of counterculture and spirituality.
Content Types
Article, Interview, Whitepaper, Documentary, Script, Blog Post, Page Layout
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Erasmus University Rotterdam, B.A. of Science
Rotterdam, Netherlands|English, French, Polish

Published Content

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How to teach a whole generation to be open minded.pdf

The article describes my volunteering experience in Casablanca, Morocco, linking it to a broader reflection on the importance of human connection in fighting prejudices.

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Blog Post
A few impressions from the Catalan protests.pdf

My eyewitness report of the Catalan protests 2019 was written as a counter-narrative to the way the protests were shown by most mainstream media. Instead of focusing on the violence and pro-independence, I investigated alternative reasons for joining the protests.

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Buyers Guide
How to clean up your hygiene habits.pdf

Three sections of the article cover why synthetic chemicals used in cosmetics are harmful for our bodies and the environment; explain how to change one's bathroom to be natural and plastic-free; and give examples on where to find natural products for reasonable price in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Blog Post
Why would boys and men care about gender equality.pdf

As a main organizer of the Slut Walk Rotterdam 2019, I was also responsible for promotional materials: this blog post is one of them. Its aim was to show that the Slut Walk - and feminism in a wider sense - is not reserved for women and that men are more than welcome to join.

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Hawa Ibrhimi.pdf

The article was written for a social enterprise that aimed at finding employment for refugee women in the Netherlands. The story was supposed to be the first in a series of personal stories of female refugees that arrived in the Netherlands; I interviewed Hawa personally. The goal of the article was to raise awareness on the issue of female refugee unemployment and as such, to raise empathy and urge for action.

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Palestinians in Wonderland.pdf

With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the background, the article introduces Palestinian rappers and hip-hop groups and explains their creative processes. The article also deals with the phenomenon of Palestinian hip-hop as a means of release in a conflict-torn society.

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Multicultural friendships on the peripheries of nationalism.pdf

The first aim of this article was to explain the situation of refugees in Poland and the correlation between the change of government and the cut in funds for NGOs helping refugees. The second aim was to offer a hopeful insight into a chosen practice of one of the refugee-related NGOs. The practice showed how an organization can operate under unfavorable government, but more importantly, how direct contact with The Stranger can change conservative minds.

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