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Everyone is writer these days, have you noticed?
Well, until you see the end product.
I'm here to help you weed out these wannabe writers who have flooded the web; it's astounding! Because let's face it, typos and grammatical mistakes are the last things you need from a writer. Not only that, web content in general has evolved in the last few years. No one likes reading boring essays or instruction manual type articles. This is not 2012 anymore.
Blog content needs to be written in an engaging and conversational tone that talks directly to the reader. And while we're all out to woo the search engines, we don't need to be so obvious in our attempts.
Think of it as trying to entice that bombshell who's playing hard to get. You've got to show your worth, otherwise there are plenty of suitors lining up for their chance and they'll go all out in their quest.
And that's what I'm here to help you achieve: increase your organic reach while doing it in an ethical and fun fashion.
Grab me while I'm still free!
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