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I’m driven by the challenge to capture hearts and minds with verbal prowess molded for the occasion. I believe strong creativity, value, and relevance makes the biggest difference in empowering a message to truly resonate with an audience. Delivering on this philosophy takes courage and vision, and in every engagement, I strive to bring more of both to the work.

Now residing in the Austin, TX, I offer expertise for delivering a broad range of content-related assets for both B2C and B2B, including...

Copywriting: Focus on developing big ideas and audience-targeted messaging. From email marketing and PPC campaigns to sales literature, print advertising and other types of marketing collateral.

Whitepapers, Video Scripts and Slides: Tactics for selling complex products or services that require a high-touch, information-oriented sales approach.

Web Content: Refreshing content on existing websites and developing new content from scratch. Includes expertise in developing information architecture and sales-oriented copy that captures leads and move products.

Social Media & PR: Developing content assets designed to earn media attention and go viral on social media.

Translation: Automated solutions like Google Translate are great tools, but the level of quality you get still pales in comparison to what a professional human translator can deliver. I offer a deep bench of proven providers for most languages.

Content Strategy Development: Developing overarching strategy for engaging audiences online and in mobile apps with brands, products and services.

Creative Direction: Offering a rare blend of a strategic and creative thinking to lead project teams of writers, designers, and UX practitioners from concept to final deliverable.

I've been a writer since about the of age 15 when I started doing sports reporting for the local newspaper. I majored in journalism in college and spent about four years in the newspaper business after graduation, winning a shelf full of New England Press Association Awards.

From there, I transitioned into copywriting. Timberland (the boot and apparel company) was my first major account. I went on to work with some of the best clients and agencies in the Boston area, during which I added expertise in brand and content strategy, SEO, UX, and creative direction.

I have two websites where I showcase my work:

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