Ajai Raj

Experienced journalist specializing in health and science reporting, with a knack for making complex concepts simple to understand.

My name is Ajai Raj, and I've been working as a freelance journalist for a little over five years now, with a particular focus on science, health, and medicine. I enjoy taking complex concepts and making them both simple to understand and entertaining to read.

I graduated from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York City in 2013 with an MA in health and science reporting. During that time I interned at COSMOS, a science magazine in Sydney, Australia, as well as at Popular Science. Subsequent to those internships, I freelanced for both publications, as well as working stints as a fact-checker for Popular Science.

Within the science and medicine realm, my bread and butter has been writing for medical trade journals across a range of medical specialties, including clinical oncology, gastroenterology, pain medicine, and anesthesiology. Recently my beat has expanded to include climate change and other general interest science stories, as well.

I also have a number of gee-whiz science stories under my belt, as well as reviews of art, literature, and performance that engages with science in some way.

I think my portfolio reflects my skill and versatility as a writer. I can write straight news, wry humor, and thoughtful reflection with equal ease, and I welcome any challenge that stretches my voice or expands my knowledge.
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