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I Am Akoh Peter, I'm a content writer from the United Kingdom. I have a knack for writing from others' perspectives. I incorporate the client's voice and mission into all my work, and no matter the industry, I consider storytelling a crucial part of content strategy.
With a Bachelor of Science in business and finance, over 7+ years of writing & marketing experience, and a brain that just doesn't know when to take a break; I'm able to work wonders on any blog post/article topics handed to me. I'm professional and passionate when writing and can excel in producing high quality, excellent SEO content .
If we work together, I'll help you communicate in a way that resonates with your audience and keeps them coming back. Frequent posts add depth to brands . they give them a face, a unique personality .
I’m a strong believer that words can shape ideas & ideas can shape the world. And this is what I love to do. I love writing about new technologies and spreading the word about an upcoming innovation in an easy-to-understand, newbie-friendly way.

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Article, Ebook, Commercial, Checklist, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Direct Mail, Guide, Script, Studio Photography, Documentary
More Information
Aston university , Bsc, business and finance
msc political science imperial college london,, BSc Digital Marketing,international foundation programme
Manchester, UK|English, French

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