Alden Copuyoc

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"I do the work, you take all the credit."

The longest relationship I have ever been committed to is with words—the written word, to be specific. Small words, big words, words that take people to places, words that make us fall in love, words that look pretty on the page, words that sell, words that have the power to create impact and inflict change.

Although I am new here at Upwork, I have two decades of freelance writing career under my belt and have consistently received top ratings in websites similar to Upwork, catering to local and international clients from various fields and industries. What started as enthusiasm for books as a child morphed into a passion for creativity. Name it, and I’ve written it: magazine articles, blogs, marketing letters, books, research papers, poems, song lyrics, creative briefs, concept papers, ads, personal essays, and scripts for documentaries, corporate/marketing/tourism videos, lifestyle/news TV shows, and commercials. I just get a sense of fulfillment each time I finish a written assignment for a client.

Just how successful was I in my freelance writing career? I’ve earned enough to build successful businesses that operate on their own—a video production company and a cultural gifts shop. A food business is on its way, too. It’s a happy life. I have mastered the art of careful planning, automation, productivity, and delegation. These businesses run smoothly, and all I have to do most of the time is check reports and sign checks. I have plenty of time to write.

Why the desire to still write? It is because the act of writing has a lot of significance in my life. First, I would not want to waste all those BA Creative Writing years I spent at the university. Second, I know I can help people through my writing. I have done that for two decades and I know I can do more because I never stopped learning: I update myself with the latest trends on copywriting; I arm myself with the necessary tools and references, I continuously improve my methods of productivity, I read a lot, and, when I’m not writing for clients, I write for personal projects. The third reason: The MacBook Pro Touchbar's scissor-switch keyboard is just so addicting to use, and I have developed an attachment to it. Last, I think I’m cursed to write, and I’m thinking this is my Karma for not being too verbose and creative in my past life.

Although I don’t get through the day without writerly moments, I also enjoy traveling, meditating, playing the open tuned guitar, cooking new and heirloom recipes, taking care of my rescue cats, taking pictures and videos, decoding the success secrets of ads that appear on my Facebook feed, and quoting Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell into everyday interactions.

I am reliable, competent, passionate, and driven. I have impeccable knowledge in English grammar and style, a rich vocabulary, and excellent time/project management skills. I am a wordsmith, and I can produce work based on your specifications. I do the work, you take all the credit.

Please check my specialized profiles for more information on specific services and creative solutions that my expertise and experience can offer.

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