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Relatable Storytelling That Turns Blog Visitors Into Loyal Customers

"Amazing writer! She was a joy to work with! Thank you, Kiara!"

"Kiara’s work is absolutely superb! We cannot wait to team up with her on future projects!"

"Quality work, the best attitude, communication was awesome and above all amazing person."


Have you ever wandered through someone's website, skimmed through it, and felt confused at what they stood for?

7 out of 10, you're dealing with a beginning blogger or entrepreneur who has no idea who their audience is.

If they did (likely not), they didn't know how to approach them using their own distinctive copy.

Or better yet, use their unique voice.

That's where I come in. (Jeezus, how many times has this phrase been used?)

I'm going to make sure people don't skim over your landing page and web content. They won't click 'X' on the browser's tab feeling confused over what you want to say.

By getting to know who you are and what you stand for, I will bring together your story, your brand, and your voice.

See, the thing is.....

Bad marketing is easy to catch when you don't know what you want to say. It's going to sound like a sales piece and business disaster about to happen.

Your audience knows this. They smell it a mile away.

And they absolutely hate it.


Good marketing goes well with your blog's design, message, and mantra. It's sharp, funny, and interesting all at once.

Your audience will crave your content. Like how I wish I was eating a cup of Cup Noodles right now (I'm Asian, so sue me).

Friend, we're not only going to mash emotional storytelling with copywriting for your blog. Like a timepiece waiting to explode. Instead, we're going to dig in deep and build it from the ground up.

Here's what I have in store for you:

• Once we start our contract, we'll have a 1-hour Skype call digging in to where you see yourself in the long-run with your website. We'll also talk a whole lot about sending your message to the right people to get the ground running.

• When we have a "branding guide" to fall on, I'll also send you a brand persona and a guide report on what your audience has been saying, doing, thinking (i.e. Did Stephen Amell eat another taco today?)

• Finally, we're at the fun part: Let's talk all about you. I want you to know the movies, stories, and characters that interest you. By doing so, I won't only write copy for your audience but give them the 101 on who you are too.

Truth? People want to work with the RIGHT people.

Whether you're a blogger or entrepreneur, we're going to use your story and incorporate it to effective content that even your Grandmother's best friend can't resist.

If you're open to chatting with me about where you see your business going, and how you want to stand out from a saturated market, shoot me a message over here.

Click on the big ol' green button at the top right hand side of my profile. I always reply within the day. After, we can schedule a time to chat and you can gage whether I'm the right fit for your project.

Once we work together, we become one step closer to saving the world from bad marketing.

How does that sound, eh?

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