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Content Strategist, Editor, Managing Editor

Marketing pro with a knack for storytelling and business research

I help businesses to clarify their message and generate massive value with compelling content that builds trust and sells.
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Retailing: How to Perfectly Orchestrate Customer’s Shopping Journey

Retailers should get a better understanding of all the elements that concur to making the customer experience memorable.

March, 7 2016
How to Supercharge Marketing Efforts with Content Discovery

Outbrain's CEO Yaron Galai, and Mario Vasilescu, CEO of knowledge curation platform Rewordly, share their insights about content discovery's impact on users, marketers and everything in between.

October, 3 2016
Website Copy
America's Building Records - The Story

I wrote America's Building Records About page and created a communication framework that helped them clarify their message so their business started to take off.
What Sweden Can Teach Us About Equal Opportunity and Gender Gaps

Female executives, as equally skilled as their male counterparts, don’t have equal opportunities to reach the top in the executive labor market or get equal pay. What causes these gender gaps?

April, 15 2016
Speeding with a 3D Printed Full-Scale Mannequin

A research team of TU Delft produced a 3D full-sized mannequin of Olympic silver medalist Tom Dumoulin’s to test a series of new cycling skinsuits.

October, 11 2016
Blog Post
How to Reach More People with Perfectly Timed Tweets

A social media-related post that looks at ways of reaching a larger audience on Twitter.

January, 3 2014
Book Review: Retail Survival of the Fittest

In her newly released eBook, retail expert Francesca Nicasio covers vital aspects of the industry, from understanding consumers’ needs and increasing customer loyalty to leveraging data and implementing an omnichannel retail strategy.

January, 13 2015
Bamidele Onibalusi: The Ultimate Nigerian Business Success Story

How a 16 year-old kid from Nigeria with little to no means turned into a successful and sought-after online entrepreneur and business owner in less than five years.

March, 25 2015
Blog Post
Your Blogging Audition: How to Pitch Like a Movie Star

It may not seem apparent, but a pitching blogger and an auditioning actor have a lot in common. Check out this post to read what challenges they share.

November, 16 2013
The Future of Work: Threat or Blessing in Disguise for Knowledge Workers?

Will technological unemployment become their reality or will they simply work smarter?

May, 4 2017
Jennifer Beals dissects the afterlife mystery on TNT's 'Proof'

Jennifer Beals makes her much-awaited TV comeback in TNT's new drama 'Proof.' She plays a brilliant, tough and skeptical cardio-thoracic surgeon who embarks on a journey of exploration, hoping to find answers in the wake of her son's death.

June, 13 2015
Blog Post
Are You Taking Charge of Your Stressful Life?

A personal account on how to mitigate the effects of the challenges life throws at you.

July, 29 2013
Laurel Holloman's new abstract art show lands in Berlin

American painter Laurel Holloman continues her successful series of European exhibitions, after her first two solo shows last year in Paris, and Venice; this time on German soil, in the heart of Berlin.

April, 22 2013
Blog Post
10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work

Try using some of the most Zen-friendly websites to help yourself keep your cool at work.

November, 4 2013
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