Amy Morris

Without words, the world will never know about you, your product or your service. Let me help you tell them.

Although it may sound cliche, it is simple but true. I love it.

More specifically, I love to take ordinary words, string them together, and infuse them with so much feeling that the reader feels compelled to keep reading!

Regardless of what you have going on, I want the words to JUMP UP and ensnare you, transporting you to another place.

Whether inspirational or educational, I want to help you learn about something. Not because you have to but because you want to—even if you didn’t know it before reading it.

I take great pride in writing that evokes an emotional response. Feeling something allows you to intimately experience it versus merely reading about it.

One last tidbit about my writing style and my personality for that matter–although I possess the intrinsic ability to compose works of grandeur; I am and prefer the “down-to-earth” style.

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