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My name is Biruk Tadesse, I am a highly motivated entrepreneur in different artistic and entertainment industry. My interest in the area dates back to while I was a little boy. I was interested the entertainment industry since I was a little kid and that interest and drive followed me to high school and then to collage. It was when i was in high school that my interest in art and entertainment blossomed. In High school I used to organize a mini Art exhibition in which i displayed my drawings and showed it to the school community that included Students, teachers and different club members. The feedback I got from them motivated me to upgrade my ability and continue organizing the same events at other schools and cultural festivals. I have also done paid educational paintings to some schools; advertisement paintings to hotels and different organizations including NGOs. I was also talented in script writing in which I have written different musical scripts and sold them to local Artists. I then Joined Collage and Studied physics in Arba Minch Town. At collage, I continued to organize different events like drama, movie shows and music concerts in collaboration with different event organizers in Adis Ababa. After graduating from college, i was hired at a big Cinema house as Cinema manager and promotion expert. i managed and successfully made the cinema one the best in the town. To upgrade my knowledge on the field I joined another collage and studied cinematography. I then joined a government office in the position of audiovisual expert in which I have done graphic design, videographer, photography and video editing. The videos I prepare were used for different Medias including news in big channels, events and were achieved for future use. This motivated me to open my own firm named “BURA FILMS production”. In my own firm I have prepared a number of productions including local movies, music clips, wedding, birthday ceremonies and other big events for individuals and companies. My involvement in different events attracted many and I got the attention of different local Artists. Using the recognition I got, I have directed and produced four Amharic movies, a couple of music clips, and many short videos. Taking advantage of the connection I established, my firm has become a well known production. This helped me to take and produce the works of Artists, film writers and comedians. I am currently producing and posting a comedy series with a nationally known comedian and we are assisting each other to move Ethiopia’s comedy industry a step closer to foreign caliber. I recently opened my own You Tuber account and within a short period of time my account has over 800 followers and a total of one thousand three hundred thirty views on my video . My face book page also has over 5000 followers. I am currently a You Tuber, movie producer and film maker and I aspire to be a well know You Tuber in the future. My goal in the future is to become a well known producer in the country and make my visibility known worldwide.
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