Caroline Leopold

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

Innovations Writer -- Health, Technology, Automotive and Business

Caroline Leopold tells brand stories for businesses and startups to boost sales conversions and revenue. She has written for major brands such as Benefiber, Home Depot, Ingram Micro, and Mitsubishi. She also develops content for a variety SaaS, biotech and health startups.

Caroline's stories are found in Business Insider, Digital Journal, Engadget, MedCity News, Medical News Today, and others.
Content Types
Case Study, Blog Post, Article, Whitepaper, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Ebook, Guide, Interview
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University of Illinois, Chicago, Master's
Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Bachelor's
Philadelphia, PA|English

Travel & Automotive Content

This 3-wheeled electric car is the 'Volkswagen Beetle of the 21st century'

News article profiling entrepreneur Jerry Kroll and his innovative electric vehicle.

July, 19 2015
Buyer's guide for green cars: Eco-wheels for 8 personalities, including yours
February, 1 2016
Airport Layovers Don’t Need to Be Boring Anymore with Zipcar

An interview with Zach Ellard of Zipcar, who discusses how short-term car rentals can benefit air travelers.

September, 7 2017
How an Insurance Claim Affects Your Insurance Rate

An explainer on car insurance.
Parents can monitor their teen's driving with new tech

An article on Chevrolet's new safety technology.

September, 10 2015
Book a “Daycation” with HotelsByDay
June, 7 2017
Not in Nashville: Lessons From A Failed Transit Referendum
July, 16 2018
Company captures rogue drones with low-tech invention
August, 25 2015
Travefy: Group Itinerary Planning Made Easier
September, 6 2017
Vacatia: Family-Friendly Resort Rentals
June, 7 2017
Convoy Servicing Company’s Road to Growth
September, 20 2017
Rome2rio: Have the Freedom to Not Plan Ahead

Interview with Rome2rio, an app that helps travelers get door-to-door directions to destinations.

April, 2 2018
MissTravel: Dating and Global Travel
August, 3 2017
Vacasa: Vacation Rentals Made Easier

An interview with Vacasa, an app to find vacation rentals.

June, 7 2017
Utrip: Choose Your Own Travel Adventure With Custom Itineraries
June, 7 2017
Pay Rent Online and Get Rewards
November, 22 2016
CleverLayover: Save Money On Global Travel

Interview with CleverLayover founder, an app that turns long layovers into adventures.

June, 7 2017
How Travelers Can Get Free Lodging
Travel Itineraries on an Integrated Dashboard
Transit: An Easier Way to Navigate Public Transportation
How to Avoid Common Traveler Woes for Spring Break 2016

Southern destinations and advice for Spring Break

March, 8 2016

Health & Medical Content

New Ebola death in Liberia, officals urge citizens not to panic
June, 30 2015
Blog Post
Five Ways Hospitals Can Reach A Wider Audience

Article on hospital marketing

March, 22 2018
How Stress Impacts Your Digestive Health
How to Help Bad Breath Go Away under Stress
Orthodontic Treatment Advances: Braces Then and Now
Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Death
September, 25 2015
Blog Post
How Water and Fiber Work in Digestion
Amputation for Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Overview of treatment options for diabetes complications.

November, 29 2016
Rapid test, vaccine may end Ebola outbreak
September, 4 2015
Blog Post
Braces for All Ages: Orthodontic Appliances For Adults

Article is in a series to explain oral care topics while describing Colgate products.
Blog Post
PBM Contracts: 7 Terms Employers Need to Know

Article to help employers navigate pharmacy benefits for their employees.

January, 12 2018
Website Copy
Shoulder Roller

Led a team hired to write an entire website promoting a device to improve shoulder mobility.
Study sheds light on why men don’t live as long as women

News feature on medical research study

July, 12 2015
Blog Post
Exercises for Good Digestive Health

Article offering ideas for exercise on digestive health. The blog post ties into Benefiber's popular line of fiber supplements.
Let’s change the world together

An interview with a UCLA medical student on careers in medicine.

March, 6 2018
Op-Ed: Doctors turned patients give lessons on dying process

An article on how physicians regard the dying process.

September, 3 2015
Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone dashing hopes epidemic is over
June, 24 2015
Why Are My Teeth Sensitive? Is It Related to Age?
Digestion and Aging

Business & Technology Content

Introducing WalkCar: A laptop-sized personal transporter
August, 9 2015
Ethernet switches used in nuclear plants vulnerable to hacking
August, 2 2015
Robot shows self-awareness during experiment
July, 18 2015
Fashion designer makes entire collection using small 3D printers
July, 27 2015
Blog Post
5 Lessons for Content Marketers From ‘Shark Tank’
May, 19 2016
Blog Post
Best (and Worst) Times to Ask for a Raise

A friendly, how-to article on asking for a raise on behalf of online salary data platform.

September, 28 2017
Blog Post
How To Build An Effective Hospital Brand Strategy

Thought leadership article on healthcare branding.

January, 23 2018
Blog Post
When Management Pushes Back on Raise Requests

How to in asking for a raise for Paysa.

October, 11 2017
Android bug makes smartphones hackable by text message
July, 27 2015
Blog Post
Ten Careers Where You Could Make A Million Dollars in Ten Years

Article on career planning and personal finance for Paysa.

April, 23 2018
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