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Helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought leaders build authority through ghostwriting fascinating books and ebooks that tell their story.

Carol Tice is the author/co-author of 2 traditional print books on business and entrepreneurship, along with a dozen self-published ebooks on freelance writing and blogging. Recently wrote a 100-page ebook on crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, for a division of Shopify. Tice has written for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Seattle magazine, Delta Sky, Costco, American Express, and many more. She is an online entrepreneur who founded the Make a Living Writing blog and 1500-member paid community Freelance Writers Den. Recent work is focused on book-ghostwriting. Her many awards including a Best in Business from SABEW and being listed in Writer's Digest's 101 Best Websites for Writers. Earning a full-time living from writing since 1990. Business dork who's written about everything from advanced washing-machine technology and cannabis-industry software to surety bonds and chemical ingredients. Interviewed Schultz, Cuban, Bezos, Nordstrom and many more. L.A. native who's a 25-year Seattle resident.
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