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"Where would you be without your blogger?"

Florida girl born and raised. Super into audiobooks, podcasts, werewolves, coffee, and helping people feel better.
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Valencia College, AA
Orlando, FL, USA|English

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Top 5 Serialized Fiction Podcasts
September 23, 2016
Blog Post
Top 5 Audiobooks to Add to your Library

List-based articles and/or blog posts.

October 20, 2016
Blog Post
Podcast Review: The Deep Vault

Reviews of Podcasts

October 14, 2016
Blog Post
Media for a Halloween Mood
October 7, 2016
Blog Post
What running into an old teacher will do for your psyche.

Blog posts from my personal blog based on my life.

September 16, 2016
Blog Post
Prompt #1

Answering writing prompts

September 14, 2016
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