Cecily Hewitt

Content Strategist, Graphic Designer, Developmental Editor

I am a writer and a very creative writer just let me know what you want and I can write it.

My website is designed to encourage and uplift young people in our city and communities.

I am an advocate of young people and students. I want them to be safe I have, desk top

published a book, have created several websites. Is certified in a crisis intervention training

course. Like many educators we believe that early development. Is very important to a child's

mental growth and development. Young ones mental growth should and can be a positive

experience. When young people are well nurtured and or encouraged this can firmly build

self esteem, self confidence. This program was designed to empower students and give

access to online training. And to give hope to young people and help with

needed services like learning job skills. So that they can gain employment.

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Article, Blog Post, Website Copy, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Illustration, Animation, Script, Corporate Photo, Live Event, Music Video, Recipe, Checklist
More Information
HIGH SCHOOL FINISHED , Certificates public Notary, business plan certificate 2 patents one for book one program creation
Chicago, IL, USA|Languages

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