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Chase Maser - Poet and Freelance Writer.

I am a dedicated content writer, graphic designer, and social media strategist here to help you improve your voice and share it with the world. Whether you need assistance writing blog posts and articles, improving your SEO rankings, or gaining more followers on your platform, my years of experience are at your service. Please feel free to browse my portfolio, and I look forward to collaborating with you.
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Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy, Press Release, Social Copy, Website Copy, Article, Infographic Copy
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University of California Los Angeles, Creative Writing: Poetry
Santa Monica College, Liberal Arts & Humanities
City of Los Angeles|English

Food & Drink

‘Bless the Chefs’

I was assigned to write this article by the editorial board, showcasing the special event that the restaurant was hosting for its 25 year anniversary.

February, 17 2016
Love is in the Recipe

I was commissioned by the Argonaut Newspaper in Marina Del Rey, CA, to write an article about Ashley Fahr, an up-and-coming chef throughout Los Angeles. I held extensive interviews with Ashley and created a story based on her life's story and her success as a chef.

April, 4 2018
Blog Post
Pack These 5 Healthy Snacks When You Travel

EHE hired me to step in and provide some SEO editing for the piece, making sure that certain keywords were being utilized, as well engaging headers.
Wine Cuisine: Cooking with Wine
September, 21 2016
Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: How to Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Home
How to Make a Perfect Masala Chai At Home
For The Entertainer: How to Cook With Wine
Blog Post
The 5 Best Places to Eat in San Jose
June, 8 2016
Blog Post
Wine Storage Tips: How to Store Wine The Right Way
December, 1 2016

Art & Culture

Press Release
Art Goes to the Beach

A press release I wrote for the opening of a local art exhibition featuring the work of Kenton Nelson.

February, 3 2016
Bathing Beauties

A cover story I wrote showcasing the artwork and profile of artist Kenton Nelson.

June, 1 2016
Blog Post
How Painting Can Improve Your Poetry

To help improve your creativity as a poet, try painting a picture instead. There's no use in beating your head against a wall trying to find the perfect words, so visit your local art store and try your hand at something new to gain some perspective.

September, 22 2018
VSA in the news

This is an article I wrote for my college newspaper that showcases the visitor experience at the Broad Museum in Downtown LA.

November, 2 2015
6 Best True Crime Podcasts

True Crime podcasts are all the rage right now, and this client asked me to put together a list of the best 6 podcasts streaming today.

June, 11 2018
Blog Post
10 Must-read Books for Fall 2016
6 Ways to Get Inspired Before Writing
February, 6 2018


Youth, Cameras, Action

i was hired by the newspaper to cover help promote this event with an article about the history of the film festival and its impact on the community.

July, 6 2016
One Good Laugh Deserves Another

The Gundo Comey Festival is a local event that showcases tons of comedians, providing the community with lots of fun and laughs. This was an article to help promote the event.

May, 11 2016
A Band, a Van and a Dream

I was hired by the newspaper to cover a local band who traveled from the east coast in a van to busk in Santa Monica.

February, 10 2016

Poetry & Prose

Crown Anthologies: In Stores Now!

Two of my poems are featured in this new collection of poetry from Andrews McMeel and Lost Poets. The book is in stores nationwide.

September, 21 2018
Blog Post
Bike Ballad: How it Began, Part 3

This part 3 of a novella i'm writing about a bike trip I took in Northern California after the death of my mother.

September, 11 2018
Live Event
Featured Poems in Mar Vista, CA

I was commissioned by the city of Mar Vista to write 3 poems about transgender identity issues, and each one has been installed as an art project along Venice Blvd. within 3 different bus shelters.

August, 31 2018
Ode to My Commute

Two of my poems are featured in this new literary magazine created by

August, 4 2018
Blog Post
Bike Ballad: How it Began

This is a story I wrote that chronicles a bike trip I made in 2014. The story conveys how I used cycling to clear my head and cleanse my spirit, while ultimately finding my passion for community and how relationships can heal the world.

July, 11 2018
Blog Post
Bike Ballad: How it Began, Part 2

This is the second part of a novella i'm writing about a bike trip I took in northern California and how it changed my life.

July, 22 2018

Technology & Electronics

Edward Snowden And The Dark Web: What Secrets Did He Reveal?

This is an article I wrote back in January of 2018. I was hired to conduct research on Snowden's past and to explain his connection to the Dark Web.

August, 3 2018
Blog Post
Wait, Do Background Checks Show Internet History?

Running a background check is a great way to gain information about someone, but will your personal data be at risk if someone decides to search you? We've all researched things we're not proud of, but can others find out exactly what we've typed in? Here's the truth about background checks and internet search history.

August, 10 2018
Why People Are Talking About Dark Web Monitoring

Online identity theft is a major problem, but this new feature can help you keep track of any threats.

July, 10 2018
Blog Post
Fitbit Ionic vs. Vivo Active 3: Best Smartwatch for Your Budget

An in-depth review about two leading mid-range smartwatches and which one is better for your budget.

June, 28 2018
Blog Post
3 Ways Technology Can Help Your Last-minute Christmas Shopping
December, 1 2016
How The "Right To Be Forgotten" Works

This blog post is for a regular client. They hire me to pitch original topics and research them to produce authentic content for a variety of platforms. For this particular assignment, I was given a study to reference and transform into an original concept.

April, 4 2018

American Culture & International Conflict

Should Police Camera Footage Be Considered Public Record?

An article I was hired to write about the use of police cam body footage and why it should be available to the public for viewing. However, there are several roadblocks to consider.

June, 26 2018
Murder Rates Increase Over The Summer. Are You Safe?
July, 6 2018
Syria: Understanding The Conflict

Readers can learn about the history of the conflict in Syria and how it relates to the U.S.

September, 24 2016
How Do You Define The Millennial Generation?

This article is for a regular client. They hire me to pitch original topics and research them to produce authentic content for a variety of platforms. For this particular assignment, I was given a study to reference and consolidate into an original concept that defines millennials based on the history of their influences and developments.

March, 28 2018
Why Children Are The Biggest Victims Of The Opioid Crisis

This is a more in-depth article that spotlights the rising concern of opioid addictions and how it relates to the increase of children being put into foster care. The overall aim of the piece is to inform readers of the issue and educate them on possible solutions.

May, 18 2018

Climate Change and Environment

Press Release
A Gold Standard for Going Green

A press release honoring two professionals who utilized safe environmental practices throughout their entrepreneurship.

May, 4 2016
The Cost to Clean Up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I was hired by Overture Global Magazine to write an article about the overall cost needed to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The magazine launched nationwide in several chain locations.

July, 13 2018
How To Prevent Wildfires

Wildfires have wreaked havoc on the country over the past few years, and learning about how to prevent them can make a huge difference for your overall health and safety.

July, 11 2018

Travel & Adventure

A Day In The Life of A Peace Corps Volunteer

Josh and Laura are extreme lovers of the world, so naturally, they joined the Peace Corps to expand their horizons, while doing some good. This article serves as an interview to their philosophies and experiences as Peace Corps members.

Social Enterprise

Weaving Harmony: How Greenpacha Gives Back to the People of Ecuador

I was hired by Enrou to interview the founders of the social enterprise startup, Greenpacha, a company that promotes and sells handmade hats from Ecuador. This article showcases the history of the company, while honoring the hard work and dedication of the Ecuadorian villagers who make the products.
Ad/Promotional Copy
Give the Gift of Opportunity

This was a promotional ad that I wrote for Enrou, assisting them with campaigns to raise money and drive sales on Giving Tuesday.
Running With A Purpose

Marathon running has become a tremendous way to assist the people of Haiti after experiencing a deadly earthquake. This nonprofit aims to alleviate the community, while promoting a positive change for the future.
SOW Collection: The Children of Uganda

Working with Enrou gave me many opportunities to showcase different nonprofits around the world and promote their stories to the public. The SOW Collection is a curated, handcrafted line of products made and sold by the street children of Uganda.

Career Development

Blog Post
6 Phrases Every Social Worker Should Know

These 6 phrases are essential to any social worker's arsenal. They will help boost your career and prove to your clients and colleagues that you are a strong advocate for positive change.

October, 26 2018
Blog Post
6 Reasons You Should Attend a Conference This Year

No matter where you are in your career, attending a conference can lead to major improvements and life-changing connections. NCU hired me to write about 6 reasons why attending a conference can give you a huge professional boost.

September, 21 2018
Blog Post
5 Counseling Careers that Help Communities

If you're pursuing a degree in social work or psychology, there are many careers that are financially stable, as well as beneficial to the community. NCU hired me to showcase 5 amazing careers that are all about giving back.

September, 28 2018
Blog Post
Work Friends Can Set You Up For Success. Here's Why.

Everyone thinks that having friends in the workplace can be distraction, but the truth is that certain office relationships can actually make you more productive.

May, 2 2018
Blog Post
How To Check Your Criminal Record With TruthFinder

if you're getting ready to apply for a job or someone requests a background check on you for approval of an application, knowing the results yourself can help you stay prepared for any future complications.

August, 15 2018
How To Use Public Records To Boost Your Career

Your personal life can sometimes get in the way of your career, but it doesn't have to be a problem if you know how to deal with it. Using public records can inform you about any past mistakes that are holding you back.

July, 5 2018
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