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Hello, Clearvoice community,

My name is Sherif Abdou. I am a photograph and Graphic Designer. I Provide High-Quality Work. I can edit anything in Photoshop. My hobby is designing. I do various designs when I get some free time. I do a lot of designing on brochures, postcards, banners, birthday cards, flyers, business cards, etc... Also, I am a Professional Video Editor Past 5 years I have made lots of clients as a freelancer. Clients are happy with my works. It makes me happy always. I ensure 100% satisfaction to my clients.

My aim is to investigate the processes of type design —and design itself— as a non-dogmatic practice. Stressing the form, stretching the concepts up to corrupting rules and misuse of tools. I like to conceive typography as a system and medium, also I try writing positives affirmations for some time, which helps me to more relaxing and creative during productivity time.

My practice is progressive, 🏓 playful, and human-centered with a focus on identity systems and brand design. also a ❇️ stargazer, an early-adopter, a bad dancer, and 👁️ Looking For A Job.
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Candid Photography, Video, General Photo, Product Photography, General Video, Product Video, Illustration, Ad/Promotional Copy, Social Copy, Graphic, Infographic Copy, Social Card, Studio Photography, Social Video, News Video
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Morocco, IN USA|Arabic, English, French

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