Chris Greenwood Ottawa

Professional, Mentor, Coach

Chris Greenwood, from Ottawa, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lakehead University where he studied business and sociology. His 20 years' experience began with assuming the leadership of a family business that was owned by his father. Chris Greenwood is currently pursuing his CPA certification in Ottawa.

Chris Greenwood's strengths lie in coaching teams to achieve their full potential, analyzing key financial and operating performance metrics, and objectively managing performance. He believes that stakeholder management is essential to ensure all voices are heard and understood. Other talents include sourcing and implementing systems and software to deliver optimal organizational performance, and optimizing financial systems like QuickBooks Enterprise and Deltek’s Ajera. Chris Greenwood demonstrates strategic planning skills through his ability to work with industry experts to define the current and emerging landscape and ask hard questions about barriers to meeting market demands.

Chris Greenwood is currently sharing his financial and business planning expertise with a non-profit organization called CHANGE Health Alberta in a volunteer capacity. The primary focus of this organization is the development of the CHANGE Adventure Camp for children aged 5-12. In this position, he is creating a financial and reporting structure and is helping the organization plan their current and future needs for the next five years.

Personally, Chris Greenwood of Ottawa enjoys coaching baseball and hockey and the challenges of working with a variety of personalities and learning styles, setting goals at both individual and team levels, and adapting strategies on the fly. He cares about the children he coaches and wants them to feel important to the team's success. Chris Greenwood started coaching baseball in 1996/97 with Special Olympics in Toronto. He believes that his coaching experience has fundamentally impacted and refined his professional management style. Chris Greenwood enjoys participating in baseball and hockey as well. He can often be found playing various sports with his son and neighborhood friends, or working with them to develop their skills during his leisure time.
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