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If you are a start-up needing a grounded business presentation, I am here to serve you.
In this business presentation, your mission, your core values and your vision statement will be
the navigator of your motivation to grow and establish the business. The goals never changes for the plans
to get there can be adapted. I have helped 2 start-up company to create their business presentation kit, and
one of their monthly revenue is about USD80,000 per month. Another as the CEO projected as a USD$50million.
The most pricey item I have ever sold is a lambo at USD330,000, by God's Grace. And I have interest to culture to be
the door greeter for good business owners. To co-share business that is beneficial to the community and to the country. Therefore, i am asking for an opportunity to be able to write your passion to the world. Your Why do this business.
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