Christiana Yoder

I like coffee, my husband, long flights with my headphones on, classic lit, late night ice cream, small concert venues, and sleep (not necessarily in that order).

Christiana used to prefer going by "Christy" as a kid, but now thinks "Christiana" is much cooler - kudos, mom and dad - as long as people don't think it sounds pretentious. She also hates typing in third person.

A 2014 college graduate, Christiana holds a BS in Business Communications and currently uses her degree to aid her in various entrepreneurial pursuits. She currently works as a freelance business consultant and writes for her website,

Should the odd spare moment find its way into her day, you can probably find Christiana reheating this morning's coffee, watching Law & Order: SVU, journaling (rather poorly), on the road with her husband, or pretending she enjoys running (she hates it).
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