danny hughes

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Come the apocalypse... but not before

He is a self published free-lance writer who enjoys writing all types for all ages.
He mainly enjoys writing Sci-fi, fantasy, war, zombies, and noir crime stories, drawing inspiration from absolutely anything and everything.
Danny truly loves the aspect of writing that allows you to design and create the entire world that the story is set within to help bulk out the plot.

He began writing more seriously and trying to get his first book published after wanting to base a fantasy series on his daughter; Freya Iris Hughes.

He hopes that maybe one day his books will reach people all over the world.
At the moment he is just enjoying the thrill of writing and if anything comes of it, anything else would be just an added bonus.

He is an avid Role-playing game fan, and thoroughly enjoys writing his own quests/missions, designing the story-lines, campaigns, NPCs and puzzles himself.
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Online, ACCA-X FA1 Recording Financial Transactions & Introduction to Bookkeeping
TEGA Online Unviersity, TEGA Train2Game Computer Game Design Course.
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