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I Write cyber security content for business and individuals

Hi there! It’s Deema, and I am happy that you landed here to know more about me!

I gain a solid background for both MIS/IT fields from my education and jobs that I worked in.
My previous jobs were in marketing, IT, and business departments.

What got me here?

Honestly, I never filled fulfilled working for someone from 8-5 every day, and I felt that something is missing that I need to pursue.
God helped me figure that out and let my company lay me off last year because of the pandemic situation.
This was a blessing in disguise, and I was kind of happy because I had the chance to disconnect and think about my next step, which is starting a blog and diving into the freelancing world.

I knew for a long time that this what I need but I didn’t have the courage at that time to take any action.
With a leap of faith, I started immediately learning and building up my blog that revolves around my passions and lifestyle.
It is a learning curve for sure, but the feeling that I get while working on it is fantastic!

With that being said, I created my website, “ I create and beyond,” and my vision is to offer my services as not only a content writer freelancer but also other skills that I have and learned throughout my journey in school, work and blogging.

Not to mention that this is how I want to support myself to have more freedom in life.
If you are interested to know more about my services , shoot me an e-mail, or you can reach me faster through my socials.

I can’t wait to create content for YOU. 🙂
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