Derya Balcı

An awesome digital marketing specialist who is in love with cats.

She doesn’t like any member of flora and fauna which can extend or roll itself, so she won’t make friends with anybody who has a pet snake. That tomatoes cannot speak and elephants cannot fly has always upset her, but she does not really want to talk about these issues. She is totally prepared for a zombie invasion or robots seizing the control of the World; however, her research regarding the likelihood of a meteor crash or possible depletion of the Earth’s coffee reserve is in progress. She thinks unicorns and penguins are sinister beings.

She is very curious.

She believes she has very strong communication skills; she has worked as a creative writer, an editor, an editor-in-chief, and a corporate communication manager on various projects. She offers services in localization, content marketing, brand communication, content creating/editing and social media management.

Have I said that she is very curious?

She knows for a fact that quality content cannot rely only on the imagination and all these processes require an excellent command of the language. That’s why she is very fond of her ability to create exquisite content in Turkish. Other things she is very fond of include sweets, baby animals, and coffee. She plans to move to planet Saturn with her cats when she gets old, where she will work with cybernetic organisms in the entertainment industry.

You’d love her if you knew her.
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