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The site is all about discovery, forever learning and empowerment

Dimakatso Merriam Kwababa is a medical technologist from South Africa. Very passionate individual with a deep passion for reading, research and writing and has just discovered a whole new world of freelance writing.

She strongly believes in the power of words, and with an eager heart to learn, she would love to develop her passion further into an established writer of note. With a very extensive experience in research, Dimakatso is determined to write and deliver only good quality articles that are very interesting and worth reading on social platforms. Reading, Researching and Writing about any subject informative are what she is most passionate about.
When not busy with her pen and paper, she spends her time doing community work in one area or the other. Social development is a very sensitive subject to her.
Dimakatso is active on Facebook, LinkedIn and can be contacted on mirriam1977@yahoo.com
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Central Univeristy, Biomedical Technology
Cape Town, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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Forever Learning, discovery and empowerment.

August, 27 2018
The Life of a Single Mom as a Freelancer in South Africa

It is all about discovery, forever learning and empowerment. The power of words that can bring about change in lives, in nations and ultimately the whole world.

August, 17 2018
Blog Post

It describes the life of a single mom living in South Africa who has ventured into freelance writing. Is about the journey she walked from the beginning until she could be able to produce her first article for a blog. Very inspiring article of perseverance.

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