Dawn Kehr

A Writer for Leaders Ahead of Mainstream

Accomplished writer, public relations and social media professional who's career has built bridges within the fields of cloud-based-interactive technologies, environmental sustainability, performing arts and wellness.

The bridges that I build are based first on clarity. I value being able to simplify the complex so that anyone who reads the content I produce, or speaks to me in person, can process and activate the information I provide quickly.

My bridges are also built on expression. Whether the content is highly technical or is an introspective musing on my blog, I believe words have energy. Words provide the imagery we use to make decisions. They move us. They have the power to connect us or divide us. They must be chosen carefully and used with intent.

Specialties: media relations, thought leadership, executive visibility and positioning, content creation and curation, editorial project management, editorial consulting, ghostwriting, blogging and online learning management.
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