Don Crothers

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Writer

Business-educated, extremely well-rounded, with a marginalized, inclusive LGBTQ perspective.

Social justice warrior with a business education. Queer, non-binary and a proud member of the transgender community. Interested in pretty much everything. Spare time is spent reading, cooking, gaming and ranting online. Don writes for The Inquisitr, Gender 2.0, and on their own time.

Don's unique perspective as a business-educated, well-rounded non-binary transgender person gives them a perspective unique among writers, and their proven track record of writing polished work, recommended by many of their peers, will work for you, adding quality, unique content to your brand.
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‘Starcraft’ 20th Anniversary Will Bring Freebies To All Blizzard Games
March, 4 2018
Federal Court Tells Trump Administration They Can’t Prevent Detained Immigrant Teens From Having Abortions
April, 1 2018
Katie Hopkins Collapses In South Africa After Taking ‘Medical Ketamine’
February, 4 2018
Alleged AlphaBay Co-Founder Found Dead In Bangkok Jail Cell An Hour Before US Extradition Hearing
July, 16 2017
Chicago To Sue DOJ Over ‘Sanctuary City’ Grant Stipulations
August, 7 2017
12-Year-Old Girl Charged With Felony Assault After Pouring Boiling Water On Sleeping Friend
August, 10 2017
Haitian-American Asylum Seekers Flood Canada Following Trump Administration Decree
August, 28 2017
‘Overwatch’ Drop Rates Altered To Comply With Chinese Video Game Loot Box Law
May, 7 2017
Kentucky Judge Refuses To Hear Gay Adoption Cases, Refers To Gay Couples As ‘Practicing Homosexuals’
May, 1 2017
‘Pokemon GO’: Free Pokecoins Now Limited To 50 Per Day
June, 25 2017
Valve Goes Back To Court Over ‘DOTA’ Rights
May, 21 2017
Former Arkansas Deputy Given Probation After Pleading Guilty To Rape, Urinating On Domestic Abuse Victim
May, 8 2017
‘MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries’ Slated For December 2018 Release, Will Feature 4 Player Co-op & Full Mod Support
December, 10 2017
Left-Leaning Publications Banned From Front National’s Election Evening Event [Updated]
May, 7 2017
Macron Campaign Says Email Leak Was Fake News, Deliberate Move ‘To Sow Doubt,’ Compares To U.S. Election
May, 6 2017
‘Pokemon GO’ Will Be Rotating Raid Bosses
July, 2 2017
Razer Phone: Why I Ultimately Decided Against It [Opinion]
December, 24 2017
‘Pokemon GO’: Is Gen 3 Coming July 22?
July, 9 2017
Basic Income Coming To Hamilton, Lindsay, Thunder Bay, Ontario [Breaking]
April, 24 2017
Katie Hopkins Apologizes For ‘Wild Insult’ To Parents Of Transgender Kids: ‘You’ve Opened My Eyes’
May, 7 2017
Group Responsible For WannaCry Ransomware Claims It Was A Stolen NSA Tool, Releasing More
May, 21 2017
CVS Health: Pharmacy Giant To Buy Aetna In $69 Billion Dollar Deal
December, 3 2017
Convicted Canadian Murderer And Rapist Recaptured After Prison Escape
April, 15 2017
‘Pokemon GO’ Fire And Ice ‘Solstice Event’ On Now, And ‘PoGo’ Lives Up To Its Nickname
June, 13 2017
Nintendo Is Allegedly Working On Achievements For Nintendo Switch
September, 11 2017
Police Search For Missing Toddler Sent To Dark Alley In The Middle Of The Night For Not Drinking Her Milk
October, 9 2017
Mike Cernovich Next Alt-Right Blogger To Be Punched In The Face
April, 16 2017
‘EVE Online’s New Record-Setting Million Dollar Battle Finally Breaks The Servers
January, 28 2018
Ontario Minimum Wage Debate Polarizes As Hike Set To Take Effect In The New Year
December, 31 2017
Bill O’Reilly On ‘New York Times’ Report: ‘Lies And Smear’
October, 23 2017
New Studies From UC Berkeley, University Of Washington Show Seattle $15 Minimum Wage Yields Positive Results
July, 1 2017
Putin Bans VPNs, Proxies Following China Crackdown
July, 31 2017
Stephen Hawking: Trump Could Make Earth Like Venus, ‘250 Degrees And Raining Sulfuric Acid’
July, 2 2017
Qantas Airways To Frequent-Flying Cancer Survivor: ‘We Don’t Think That Compensation Is Appropriate’
January, 7 2018
‘Destiny 2’ Microtransactions Confirmed By Gamestop Flyer, Silver Will Be Available Over The Counter
September, 4 2017
‘Fortnite’ Top-Grossing Game On iPhone At $15 Million In Only Three Weeks
April, 8 2018
UK High School Under Fire After Giving Students Assignment To Write Suicide Notes
June, 25 2017
‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ DLC Cancellation Rumors Answered By Bioware: Producer ‘Never Heard Of’ Source
July, 2 2017
Transgender Housing Discrimination Even Worse Than Expected, Study Finds
April, 3 2017
The Problem With ‘Healthy Vending Machines’ [Opinion]
April, 3 2017
President’s Lawyer Says ‘I Am Being Investigated’ Doesn’t Mean He’s Being Investigated
June, 18 2017
Valve Promises Low Fee For Steam Direct
June, 5 2017
Ontario To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 – But Is It Enough? [Opinion]
June, 5 2017
Warren Buffett: GOP Healthcare Bill ‘A Huge Tax Cut For Guys Like Me’
May, 7 2017
Canada Pushes To Adopt Gender-Neutral Passport Option, Ontario Pressured On Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates
May, 22 2017
Samsung Galaxy S9 Series In Stores This Week – Here’s What You Need To Know
March, 11 2018
Outback Steakhouse Server Fired After Facebook Rant Over Non-Tipping Church
February, 11 2018
Gunmen Open Fire On Crowd Outside French Mosque, Wounding Eight
July, 2 2017
Abdul Hasib, ISIS Leader In Afghanistan, Killed According To Government Statement [Updated]
May, 7 2017
Child Porn Site ‘Playpen’ Creator Steven Chase Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison
May, 7 2017
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