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A vegetarian, tea addict, beginner Yogi who writes about creating and managing a balanced, peaceful life and follows a healthy lifestyle. She’s fond of natural, organic meals and drinks, searches for the same kind of supplements in beauty and a great fan of experimenting with lifehacks and DIYs to shares them with the people carrying the same interests and values.

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I’m just an everyday girl writing about whatever comes into my mind
at a particular moment and shares it with you for your informing and entertainment. My purpose is to find and show you the solution to everyday situations and problems through my life to get the best out of You.

We don’t have much of a difference. Maybe, when you wake up you reach for your coffee jar and me for my bowl of hot matcha green tea or a white one – depends on my mood that morning. But I’m pretty sure, there was a time when you struggled about how to get over a cold fast, what to do to make your teeth whiter, how to get rid of the stinky odour in your microwave, what are the best presents to give your loved ones on certain occasions… and many more! Have one of these questions popped into your mind before? Or do you have something else in your life you still haven’t found the answer for yet? Just drop me a line and I’m happy to write about it!

If I manage to help you, I’ll reach my goal.
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