Earle Burrows

Earle Burrows is a professional pilot from Sydney!

Earle Burrows is a professional pilot from Sydney, Australia who was born in 1989. Upon graduating from the University of Sydney in 2011 with a degree in commerce, Earle pursued his passion for aviation to become a pilot. Today, Burrows holds a FAA Commercial Pilots License (CPL) which he achieved in Nevada.
Earle has leveraged his experience in aviation with a passion for photography. Burrows works as a freelancer when he goes on leisure flights frequently photographing commercial buildings, construction projects, and artistic aerial landscapes.
In his spare time, Earle enjoys playing the guitar, photography, and Tennis. Burrows also enjoys giving back to the community by regularly volunteering at a non-denominational Christian community service organization, called Mission Australia, that provides family, community, employment, housing and early learning services throughout Australia.
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