Erin Forst

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer, Writer

Experienced content marketer specializing in accounting, law, tax, and financial services.

Experienced content marketer working in accounting, finance, law, and related niches at all levels of the content marketing funnel and content types including articles, blogs, landing pages, webpages, and white papers. JD, EA, MAcc.


I’ve worked with everyone from American Law Reports and FindLaw to brand new solo attorneys. Most of my clients are in general practice areas such as criminal law, personal injury, family law, civil litigation, and small business law, but I’ve also helped many niche specialty firms. My job is to act as the translator between you, the practice area expert, and the consumer, who may have no legal knowledge, while optimizing for SEO results and new client signings.

Accounting & Finance

I work with a broad range of clients including small to mid-sized accounting firms, outsourced bookkeeping services, and SaaS companies proving solutions in the accounting and finance space. My clients target both individuals and small to mid-sized businesses. I help explain complex accounting, finance, and tax topics in plain English while demonstrating how working with an accountant or a software solution adds value that makes it more than worth the cost.

Business Lending

I work with a variety of lenders from direct lenders to commercial banks in product lines including traditional loans, lines of credit, factoring, merchant cash advances, business credit cards, and other products. I help business owners and decision makers to understand their options as well as how to use business debt as a smart investment in their business.

Startup Financing

In addition to business lending, I work with clients promoting other funding options such as angel investing, seed rounds, series A and B rounds, venture debt, equity crowdfunding, equity sales, and other options. This includes investment firms, securities lawyers, CPAs for startups, and others marketing to startups. My job is to help entrepreneurs understand their options as well as why they need help when trying to raise funds.

Consumer Lending

I work with a variety of consumer lenders ranging from local banks and credit unions to subprime and second chance lenders. I help consumers understand what their options are, how to get approved, and how to responsibly use debt to reach their financial goals in a way that encourages new loan applications or further inquiries.

Personal Investing

I work with financial planners, investment firms, and a variety of money blogs targeting high income and/or high net worth individuals. This includes both general audiences as well as niche markets such as doctors or lawyers. Typical topics include real estate investing, stock marketing investing, passive investing strategies, retirement accounts, and tax optimization.

Information Security

My accounting, legal, and financial services clients are under increasing pressure to safeguard their clients’ data. I help software and security companies target these niches with content on legal requirements, ethics responsibilities set by professional associations, and plain-English explanations of data security solutions.

General Sales

I have worked with a variety of companies providing consumer and small business products and services such as HVAC, insurance, landlords, manufacturers, and software companies. You tell me your target audience and key selling points, and I tell your story in a way that optimizes SEO and generates new customers.
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