Ernest Bio Bogore

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer

I help tech companies communicate with their audience using a Human-to-Human approach.

It has been scientifically proven that you can lose the attention of your audience in 5 seconds due to the use of complex language. This also applies to tech companies.

It is also true that the use of jargon gives the impression of being a "genius".

The fact is that "OUR PLATFORM IS BUILT USING A PEER-TO-PEER TECHNOLOGY, MAKING IT UNHACKABLE" means absolutely nothing to the average consumer. And my role is to make that as meaningful as possible to your audience.

I help tech companies communicate with their audience by creating jargon-free content that even a baby can understand.

Clients (past and present) include:
Elinext Group, Aladin Network, Betfinity Gaming, Pigeonhole Live, VIME Digital, Sebastien Loeb, Your Extra Marketer, Dave Cornish Consulting, and Microphone Basics.

My work has also been featured in a variety of media outlets, including 7News, Mirror, The Sun, Daily Mail, Unsustainable Mag, and the New York Times.
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Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Interview, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide, Infographic, Script, Commercial, Documentary, Landing Page
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University of Parakou , Bachelor’s degree
Location|English, French, Chinese

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