Gold Poovan

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Simplicity is always the best policy

Start with a simple strategy then optimise it for reach and measure it for success. Keep it simple. My job is to make sure your brand, products, services and offer cuts through the noise and stand out. Total of 20 years of experience working front-facing with customers, then to marketing and analytics and now exploring new-found love for writing. I am not an expert but obsessed in delivering the (possible) best for my clients. Therefore I only work 3 projects at a time so you get my full attention and care. Outside of writing my love for travel takes me all over the world.
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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Interview, Ad/Promotional Copy, Social Card, Social Video, Landing Page
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Chartered Institute of Marketing, CAM Diploma
University of Warwick, Service Leadership
Singapore|English, Malay

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Fort cochin, Kerala is so much more than Chinese fishing nets.

This article captured my recent travel to Kerala, India. I did not want to write a listicle but share some of the things that captured my heart and sometimes my soul.

October, 14 2018
The Agile Guy — From my couch with Marc Rodan

Travel is in my bloodline and from time to time I host travellers in my house. Marc was on such guest who turn out to be a good friend. He is a digital nomad this article helps people to understand this old but new-again phenomena.

July, 23 2018
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