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I consider myself a man of many trades, yet a master of none. Although my professional career has been short, it has been extensive. I moved from working on a cattle ranch, into an Operations Management for a conglomerate of businesses in many industries. My primary position has breached the surface in many facets of business including, operations, administration, management, finance, strategic planning, accounting, human resources, marketing, customer service, and clerical.

I have an educational background in Financial Planning and have successfully created business plans, coordinated financing, and executed contracts for over $2.5M in assets. I love to learn, and am not intimidated by any industry. I strongly believe I have the competence to acquire the knowledge necessary, to create content for any form of business. Small or big. New or old. I can provide quality content in a timely manner which will satisfy your business needs and help you capitalize on a a growing customer base.
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Article, Narrative Video, Interview, Explainer Video, Blog Post, Graphic
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Colorado State University, Financial Planning

Published Content

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This is a copy of a P&L I designed for an international rental property. It breaks down income and expenses, and demonstrates the end of year Net.

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I drew this picture as an honor to my grandfather who played college football at CU and eventually become a member of the inaugural Denver Broncos Team

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General Photo
Feed time.jpg

This photo was taken while sitting in a feed trough, with an iphone 4s.
Corporate Video
Sombrero Stables, Come Ride Today!

This short video was made using nothing but a gopro Hero 3 camera and a free video editing software.

March 28th, 2019
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Social Card
Business card.png

This is a business card I designed. It matches the color scheme from the website, uses the company logo, and is presented in a clean, aesthetic, manner.
Website Copy
Trail Rides & Horseback Riding Adventures in Colorado

This is a basic website I designed for a Horseback Trail Riding Company in Colorado. I designed the layout, the look, the content, and built the integrated (3rd party) reservation system.

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