Glenn Michaels

Effective communication helps willing minds swiftly access new ideas, fresh insights and useful information. This is the work I am dedicated to.

In a 30+ year career as a professional communicator, I have been a copy writer, technical writer, marketing communications consultant, freelance writer and marketing manager.

I have won a few awards, learned from my mistakes, and almost invariably, earned the respect and appreciation of my clients, colleagues and employers for the quality of my work and my commitment to client satisfaction. The proof of this assertion can be confirmed via my Linkedin portfolio ( and via my online portfolio (
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The Tyranny of Reason in the World of the Polis
The Tyranny of Reason in the World of the Polis
January, 18 2011
MARCH 21 – MARCH 29, 2015
MARCH 21 – MARCH 29, 2015
March, 29 2015
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