Hector Simoudis

A proud Greek who loves people, that went from 13-year-old international candy shop owner to storyteller.

Claiming himself as the proudest Greek, Hector has always had a passion for storytelling and entrepreneurship. Growing up in a multicultural community in the Middle East, his entrepreneurship endeavors range from starting an American candy shop in Saudi Arabia when he was 13 years old to knocking on doors to rake people’s lawns. His love for creating a personal connection through storytelling was fully realized when his travels took him to Vietnam and Cambodia. The simple lives these people lived and his ability to communicate to them through the power of storytelling define his personal connection beliefs today. Hector graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business. This combined with his continuous education within the arts as a professional actor has allowed Hector to work towards his life purpose of connecting people through the emotions derived from storytelling.
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