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Millennial Blog and Content Writer

I am a professional article and content writer specialising in creating engaging material for 20-somethings. I find the words to connect to your audience by writing relevant, relatable posts that are sharable on social media.

I have written for lifestyle, culture and health and fitness sites such as the Bad Yogi Magazine and Literally, Darling.
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I’ve Gained So Much Weight Since Getting Into A Relationship But We’re So Happy, I Don’t Even Care
April, 1 2018
Opinion: PDAs Aren’t A Sign Of Love But Unhappiness
December, 20 2017
I Stopped Being A Needy, Paranoid Girlfriend When I Finally Met A Guy Who Treated Me Well
September, 22 2017
I Used to Want Kids, Then I Became a Teacher
September, 1 2017
Having A Hot Boyfriend Destroyed My Self-Esteem & I’ll Never Do It Again
January, 30 2018
10 Things Old Souls Need From A Guy If The Relationship Is Going To Last
October, 22 2017
Dating Is So Exhausting That By The Time I Find An Actual Relationship, I’m Drained
October, 23 2017
I Need Regular Physical Affection And I Need A Dude Who Can Roll With That
September, 11 2017
10 Signs You Might Have An Anxiety Disorder
May, 6 2018
Everyone’s Getting Married Or Traveling The World & I Just Want To Stay In & Watch Netflix
January, 15 2018
There’s A Reason People Who Aren’t Looking For Love Are More Likely To Find It
March, 6 2018
I’ve Tried Dating Nice Guys But I Always Get Bored
March, 10 2018
The Difference Between “The One” And Every Other Guy You’ll Date
August, 30 2017
If A Guy Won’t Make Plans With You, He Doesn’t Want to Be With You
August, 22 2017
Guys Are Great But Food Is Better—Admit It, You Know It’s True
August, 2 2017
My Relationship Is Boring As Hell And That’s Exactly Why It’ll Last Long-Term
August, 1 2017
10 Ways to Spot Depression in the Elderly
March, 31 2018
What Are the Different Types of Anxiety?
April, 25 2018
I Used To Think I Was Nothing Without A Relationship But I Was Wrong
September, 26 2017
10 Things You’re Doing That Scream “I’m A Doormat, Use At Will”
October, 27 2017
All Relationships Take Work But If That’s All Yours Is, It’s Time To Break Up
February, 1 2018
I Need A Guy Who Understands He Comes Second To My Career
October, 11 2017
The 5 Best Healthy Sleep Tips to Help you Get a Good Night’s Sleep
April, 5 2018
I Ended My Comfortable Relationship To Find Love—And You Should Too
September, 7 2017
I’ve Never Had Casual Sex And I Don’t Understand People Who Get Naked With Strangers
October, 19 2017
Good News for Plain Janes Everywhere—Average Looking Girls Make the Best Girlfriends
December, 27 2017
7 Apps that Can Help You Manage Anxiety
April, 23 2018
I Feel A Little Ashamed To Admit I Want A Boyfriend
January, 10 2018
How to Combat Depression in the Elderly
April, 17 2018
Mock My Wedding Pinterest All You Want But I’m Damn Proud Of It
January, 16 2018
I Don’t Need A Guy To Buy A House Or Have Kids—I’m Just Dating For Fun
February, 28 2018
I Judge Men By Their Families & It Hasn’t Led Me Astray Yet
December, 22 2017
I’ve Planned My Dream Wedding To The Letter—All That’s Missing Is The Groom
November, 22 2017
I Prefer Average Looking Guys—The Hot Ones Just Aren’t Worth It
August, 28 2017
I Thought Affirmations Were Cheesy Until I Tried Them & Changed My Life
January, 17 2018
Period-Trapping Is The Ultimate Way To Figure Out If He’s With You For More Than Just Sex
January, 30 2018
10 Things You Should Be Able To Do With Your Boyfriend
December, 1 2017
It Sounds Pathetic But I’m Totally Jealous Of My Boyfriend’s Mom
February, 1 2018
Stop Looking For Love—It’ll Happen While You’re Busy Living An Amazing Life
August, 14 2017
Back Exercises – At Home Exercises for Back Pain Relief
April, 8 2018
I’ve Never Had A Fight With My Boyfriend Of 3 Years & I’m Starting To Think Something’s Up
November, 2 2017
10 Dating Rules To Live By In 2018 For Better & More Long-Lasting Relationships
December, 21 2017
I Used To Dress Up To Get Guys’ Attention But Now I Dress For Myself—And It’s Glorious
December, 30 2017
The 12 Days Of Christmas When You’re Single AF
December, 13 2017
I’m In A Serious Relationship But Moving In Together Is A Little TOO Serious For Me
November, 30 2017
I Ditched My Friends For My Boyfriend And I Have No Regrets
August, 23 2017
I’m Done Trying To Be Someone I’m Not—The Right Guy Will Think I’m Good As-Is
March, 12 2018
Are You A Sass Queen? 10 Signs You’re A Saucy Boss Bitch
January, 23 2018
These Adorable Grandparents Will Remind You That Love Does Exist
October, 20 2017
How to Hire a Home Health Aide
May, 10 2018
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