samuel wamweya

a talented awesome writer who likes writing, and swimming

There are several things that make me an exceptional copywriter. First amongst these is my versatility. I can write on a wide range of varied topics from careers, to home and garden, to education, to business among a host of other topics.

Secondly, I have, through experience, learned to prioritize my work and hence I simply do not submit work that is plagiarized or late. I proofread my work twice and if necessary, hand it over to my wife who has a BA in English to read through once again just in case there are any typos and grammar issues. I just can not fathom shoddy, poorly written work getting to my client.

Lastly, I have invested in myself. I have undergone various online courses in English and I constantly utilize and update my grammar and spelling skills now and then. I believe I am going to leave a positive mark as an Interactmedia copywriter!
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