Jack Heald

Expensive... and darned well worth it.

Jack Heald is a writer, musician, and creator of Cult Your Brand.

Jack creates compelling stories and crafts content that produces results. He serves a diverse set of clients ranging from heavy equipment makers to fishing gear retailers to investment advisors.

A native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Jack graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Music Composition. Corporate recruiters weren't impressed, so he got busy learning more commercially marketable skills.

Thus began an eclectic career that included stints as a telephone technician, house painter, computer salesman, chauffeur, musician, software developer, project manager, futures trader, systems analyst, webmaster, business process consultant, teacher, author and stage actor.

He was the 11th employee at Dell Computer but left too soon to get rich. He taught himself to program, started and built a software company and eventually sold it to a competitor.

While at JDA Software, he ran software implementations for some of the biggest retailers in the US and Europe. His road-warrior lifestyle cost him his health, so he quit JDA and taught himself to day trade stocks and commodities.

He discovered that new traders need a lot of help, so he wrote and published the definitive guide for beginning traders: "Buy High, Sell Low - Lessons and Warning for Beginning Traders", (available on Amazon.)

The stock market crash of 2008 alarmed him, and the flash crash of 2010 convinced him that there had to be better way to make a living. So he returned at last to his first love: writing.

Today, he is one of a select few copywriters who can honestly claim to have authored a multi-million dollar sales campaign his first year in the business.

Jack believes that simplicity and emotion are the key to effective advertising.

Jack married young, raised four brilliant, beautiful children, survived a nasty divorce and lived to tell about it. He's an accomplished musician, history enthusiast, recovering amateur economist, promiscuous reader and passionate learner. He enjoys the writings of C.S. Lewis, P.G. Wodehouse, Winston Churchill, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. (Yes, they're all British.)

He loves loud motorcycles, Black Adder, single-malt scotch, expensive cigars, hot jazz, gritty blues, classic rock and the extraordinary love of a very good woman.
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