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Jenny Bowman is a children’s book editor, creative writer, and specialist in the field of Children’s Literature with experience editing books on the NYT bestselling book and series lists, and books with international acclaim. Passionate about what she does, her editing capabilities will carry your stories to their highest potential. She received graduate training in Children’s Literature from Hollins University’s world renowned program, best known as the birth-place of one of the most celebrated children’s books of all time, Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown.

Having edited over 100 books for children to young adults, Jenny is well versed in all genres of children’s literature. She particularly enjoys chapter books and middle grade novels plus stories that employ fantasy elements, humor or tales that represent her home state of North Carolina. Working on such successes as author Tim Harris’s Exploding Endings series and Robert Beatty’s NYT Bestselling Serafina series, Jenny skillfully helps author’s reach their dreams with each story she’s given.
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How to Find a Children’s Book Editor

Understanding how to find a children’s book editor is a key step when producing a strong piece of children’s literature in the hopes of publishing your book. There are tons upon tons of children’s book editors available and the range of editorial services is wide and deep. Because there are so many editors to choose from, knowing what editorial services you need is the first place to start.

September, 12 2016
Top 10 Best Online Colleges in North Carolina

Online education is becoming a respected and viable option for students from all walks of life across the globe, and the universities and colleges in North Carolina are leaders in distance learning nationwide when it comes to offering fully online degree and certificate programs. Whether you are interested in obtaining an associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate or professional certificate, there are options that meet most students needs from value to cost to flexibility to program offerings.

November, 23 2016
Gaining Momentum- Balancing the Work and College Life

Managing your academic and personal time during college is a major challenge in itself. Throw a part or full time job into the mix, and you can easily become overwhelmed trying to keep up with and accomplish all the tasks laid before you.

August, 22 2016
My Top 4 Favorite How-to-Write Books by Female Masters (and why they’re so wonderful)

Whether you are putting the proverbial pen to paper for the first time, or you’re a seasoned author, this list of My Top 4 Favorite How-to-Write Books by Female Masters (and why they’re so wonderful) has a little something for anyone who wants to write a children’s book. Even after writing for nearly twenty years on my own, and writing and editing professionally for nearly ten, I still find myself turning back to these four how-to-write books again and again, always discovering something new among their pages.

October, 10 2017
What Genre is my Children’s Book?

More than once I have had a client send me a fantastic story tucked into the wrong format…and when I ask them about it, inevitably they ask me, “So, what genre is my children’s book exactly?” It’s easy to see how this happens when we are talking about children’s books. Surprisingly they are one of the more complicated formats––with so many sub-categories and target age groups and guidelines––even seasoned writers get a little confused as to which category their story fits. Even I get confused at times with all the (ever-fluctuating) industry standards.

March, 1 2018
Go Do: Let Go of the Past and Future and Live in the Present

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” ~Einstein

April, 10 2014
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