Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb is a Published Author, Professional Artist, SEO Expert, Handmade At Amazon artisan, and Spiritual Teacher. Her many gifts and talents are best focused, so she enjoys writing, designing, teaching art therapy, creating courses, and Search Engine Optimization. Her spirituality makes her a great fit for self-development articles and information products.

Jennifer Webb has written five books that are in EBook form, printed, and published on all the major outlets.
She is also a Handmade At Amazon Artisan, and ECommerce owner of her own designed and printed on demand T-Shirts. Her Sear Engine Optimization skills enabled her to list her client 7 positions out of 10 and as the first position on the first page of all search engines!
She is a Master Spirit Healer who writes and teaches around the Near-Death Experience she had. Her articles and books have appeared on SelfGrowth, MindBodyNetwork, and she has been on the first page of two online newspapers!
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