John Jordan-Cascade

Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Writer, Copy Editor

Creative Content Specialist

• Seven years of experience writing and editing hundreds of broadcast emails to membership of an Oregon-based non-profit.
• For both the non-profit and freelance clients: newsletters; web pages: both home pages and landing pages; press releases
• Most experience with: informative, opinion, and promotion; less experience: marketing, persuasion
• Areas of background knowledge: health and wellness, environment, film, non-profits, politics, nutrition, peace and social justice, investing, American history

• Strong familiarity of design via Constant Contact and Vertical Response email marketing services (7 years), some experience with MailChimp. Also: recent experience using SalsaLabs CRM communication/database platform (2017-current)
• WordPress: Advanced user (9 years, including freelance work)
• Adobe Creative Suite:
Adobe Photoshop: Expert (20+ years)
Adobe InDesign (layout): Intermediate (8 years) – Portfolio available
Adobe Acrobat Pro (documents): Intermediate (7 years)
• Excellent knowledge of social media tools (primarily Facebook, YouTube and Instagram)
• Microsoft Office Suite: Intermediate (including in-depth experience with Powerpoint)
• Adobe Production Suite (video/audio):
Adobe Premiere Pro (video editing): Intermediate; Advanced video editor
Adobe Audition (audio recording & editing): Basic
• Other: Adobe Captivate (interactive training and testing authoring): Contract professional work created for University of Oregon


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills (blogs, press releases, web site updates, email marketing and 9 years of experience editing)
• Significant event management and collaboration experience (5+ years)
• Excellent interpersonal & collaboration skills (superlative customer service orientation)
• Excellent photography skills and experience
• Significant experience in all aspects of video production (20+ years)
• Experience supervising volunteers (4 years, intermittent)

I have extensive experience in most areas of communication, design and video production. I currently work part-time as Communications Manager for an Oregon non-profit based in Eugene. I write, design and manage the publication of a variety of materials for any campaign or event (brochures, fact sheets, flyers, ads) and the semi-annual newsletter for the organization. I edit the articles for the newsletter, which are usually written by the Executive Director or other program staff.

My writing experience for Beyond Toxics includes:
• writer of 3 blogs and a number of newsletter articles,
• nearly 10 years as copy editor of hundreds of broadcast emails to membership (current frequency: approx. one per week during peak season),
• about 4-5 years as writer and curator for Facebook and Twitter

• a successful fundraising letter for a human rights non-profit;
• a feature film screenplay (Sweet Life);
• a two-act play;
• a few short stories;
• a variety of educational video scripts and
• a great many essays and opinion pieces, some of which have been published. See this page from my business web site for samples of business and creative writing:

I keep the Beyond Toxics WordPress web site: fresh and up-to-date with organizational and issue-related breaking news, then track metrics via google analytics. I write, design and launch e-news alerts via the CRM designed for non-profits: SalsaLabs/Engage, which includes a broadcast email service much like Constant Contact. I write and distribute press releases for important events and program initiatives and make follow-up calls to press contacts. I also serve as a valued editor of blogs, editorials and promotional material and as assistant event planner for the organization on an as-needed basis for key projects, programs and fundraising events throughout the year.
Content Types
Presentation, Video, Infographic, Landing Page, Website Copy, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy
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Eugene, OR, USA|Languages

Published Content

Landing Page

I wrote the copy for this landing page for a natural health website.
Blog Post
Bees by the Numbers

It is crucial to link the importance of saving bees to how agriculture's economics may be affected by their decline.

January 21st, 2014
Blog Post
We need a revolution of forest resiliency (not logjam lunacy)

Commentary by our Exec. Director on the links between climate crisis and outdated forestry management modalities. I added depth and improved clarity and strength.

July 2nd, 2019

I worked with a local nutritional consultant to research, develop and design a slide show called, "Nutrition and Healthy Habits for Your Brain." It was an educational slide show presented to seniors at a retirement center in Spring 2019. I also took a few of the photos.

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Ad/Promotional Copy
Spec Ad for Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

Spec ad for Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker - written as part of an online Copywriting class
Welcome to Ashlantis!

Welcome to Ashlantis! is a satirical peek into a very special, mystical place: Ashland, Oregon. I directed, videotaped and edited this video. I created it using an unusual method: I followed several very talented Ashland personalities whom I had come to call friend. We started with a gaggle of basic ideas as foundation and it co-evolved from there.

January 5th, 2013
Arkin: Sustainable farming can protect children

I edited and greatly improved this op-ed written by the Beyond Toxics Executive Director. She had high praise for my work in improving the clarity and strength of her original draft.
First Moon Rising: A Girl's Wisdom and Rite-Of-Passage Journey

I produced, filmed, edited and help promote "First Moon Rising: A Girl's Wisdom and Rite-Of-Passage Journey" for Georgette Star, director of a Portland (Oregon) area program for girls who are being encouraged to grow into confident and self-aware women. From YouTube description: "Modern society is beginning to reevaluate the way girls are supported and raised. There is increasing recognition of the value of honoring the feminine and of preparing girls for the women they can become in today's dramatically changing environment."

July 26th, 2013
Blog Post
The economics of exporting coal through Oregon

Much was written about the potential effect on public health of coal trains as they passed through Oregon, but little was being published about whether it made economic sense for Oregon communities.

July 4th, 2012
Blog Post
A New Farming Economy Shouldn’t Depend on Old WWII Warfare Chemicals

I edited and greatly improved the blog written by the Beyond Toxics Executive Director. She had high praise for my work in improving the clarity and strength of the writing as the result of my editing work.

March 29th, 2019

Laid out and did copy editing of the Spring 2019 semi-annual newsletter, as I have for the past several years for Beyond Toxics, an environmental justice non-profit based in Oregon.
Ad/Promotional Copy
Dear Friend of MindFreedom,

Fundraising letter written with approval of President of the Board of Directors of an international human rights organization. High praise received from her: "John wrote a successful fundraising letter last year for major donors to support our non-profit’s projects. He also wrote our Blog Talk Radio show promo for our interview with author James Jordan earlier this year. John published an article on our new Health Connections campaign to introduce healthy alternatives to people experiencing mental health issues. John also works with MindFreedom to create and write our quarterly e-newsletters to our membership. Overall, we are very pleased with John’s work; he does a great job in all the writing and editing he does for our organization. We find him to be consistently very creative and someone who thinks out of the box. " "

April 14th, 2013
Peace Test: Nonviolence In Action, a film by John Jordan-Cascade

I produced this documentary for the peace movement. It's primary value is to teach about the theory and practice of non-violence for political change. As an act of conscience, people intentionally presented themselves for arrest for trespass at the Nevada Test Site (a giant, high security swath of land in the middle of the desert near Las Vegas) where underground nuclear testing was happening on a regular basis. More than 100 copies of this film were distributed all over the country and contributed to inspiring thousands of people to come to the Nevada desert to commit non-violent civil disobedience. It was a powerful means of protest against the nuclear arms race.

June 6th, 2015
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Website Copy
OUZO NIGHT: A short story

A short story I wrote for a college creative writing class and updated in 2018, while keeping an 80s flavor.

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