John Chen

I Craft Words That Humans And Search Engines Love.

You are trying to get your blog ranked on Google, AND write articles that sell to your readers.

But I know the struggles that you face.

1. Endless hours of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write.

2. Wondering what content your readers would like to read, and conducting endless "keyword research", only to end up being more CONFUSED than ever.

3. Thinking if you'll ever be able to make a dollar online, or you should go back to cold calling instead (ugh)


"John has an incredible talent to write and describe details very carefully. Hire his service!" - Ellen Muller, Owner, Image Consultant | Ellen Muller

"Woah is this my Content!!! That was my initial reaction. I was blown away." - Michael Teifel, Data Scientist at Informatica, San Francisco

"John has an extraordinary gift of taking abstract ideas and thoughts and transforming them into calculated colloquialisms that give those abstractions life." - Blake Taylor, NC Department of Transportation, State of California


Blog writing that ranks on Google and converts your readers is the key to online marketing success.

But most blog writers know only one side of the equation.

They either know a little too much about Search Engine Optimised content, or they know how to write a good story that sells.

I’m different because I specialise in crafting words that both connect with people on an emotional level AND rank high on search engines

(check my portfolio for screenshots of my content that has been read and loved by over 10,000 people across various platforms).

Throughout my career, I’ve realised that people and search engines WILL love your content only if:

- Your content is filled with practical advice, not fluff

- Your content is chock full of YOUR personality, not boring old copy/pasted articles that Wikipedia is used for

- You at least know the different 200+ ranking factors that search engines looks out for when they “read” your content.

So, what does it really take for people and search engines to LOVE and TRUST you?

You need to connect with your readers EMOTIONALLY, and yet write content that is TECHNICALLY strong.

That’s the secret sauce. And that’s where many blog writers out there FAIL to understand. Not me.


Look around you. I daresay almost every single blog writer that you've visited so far either told you that they'll create content that is "SEO optimised," or “converts your reader into a customer”, but do they really know the other half of the equation?

The truth is: anyone can write content that converts. But if it doesn’t rank, there’s no one to see it.

Similarly, anyone can write content that is so technical search engines have no choice but to rank it. But your readers will probably end up reading an article so full of keywords and unnatural language they don’t convert anyways.

But just imagine if you could have both sides of the equation. Does the power of having content that RANKS and SELLS excite you? If so, then you’re in the right place.

There are many ways to create powerful content that connects with your audience, but rank at the same time. Here are a few examples:

1. Understanding what your audience’s BURNING troubles are; their fears, pains, hesitations and aspirations

2. Writing and speaking to them in their “lingo” (e.g. to you and I, money is money. But to businessmen, it’s called liquidity)

3. Staying updated — and I really mean UPDATED on the latest SEO best practices to find out what’s working, and what’s not on search engines - and applying them to your content

4. Building a bond through powerful action verbs and power words — not the usual “thanks for dropping by” vibe that you get from 99.9% of the websites you visit

5. And so much more…

I could go on forever, since I’m unhealthily obsessed with crafting content that PREDICTABLY RANKS and SELLS.

Why? I don't like to leave my business to chance, thank you very much. And I don't think my clients should, too.

So here’s the deal.

I’d love to hear about your next big ambition, so that I can put my content generation skills where it belongs - on your blog.

Specifically, you can contact me for the following services:

- Blog post writing (including uploading to WordPress blogs)
- Article writing (short or long form, doesn't matter)
- Landing page copy
- Direct response copy
- Case studies
- Home Page/About Page

Feel free to contact me using one of the buttons at the top of the page, and I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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