John Wood

On the edge of sanity, lies brilliance.

Born in Southern California, I grew up with a knack for writing and a strong desire to share stories and experiences. With enlistments in the US Marines and Army National Guard I fed my love for machines as a truck driver, heavy equipment operator, and turbine engine mechanic. Getting into motorsports myself in 2004, I ended up as the press officer and then president of the Sidecar Racers Association-West. Writing press releases and content to build the sport and my on race team led me to covering sports events and immersing myself deep into motor-culture. I hope to ramp down my racing so I can get back to long rides through the US again, telling the story of the world as I travel through it.
In the last five years I've worked with technical writers, built carbon fiber aircraft, done event reports, product reviews, and lifestyle stories that explore the underpinnings of culture, all while running a race team, race organization, and attending college full time. I am always looking for the next challenge.
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