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I have been working as a data scientist and as an analytics expert for 4 plus years now. I love dealing with and treating data. I understand the importance of data for a business to remain strong in the midst of heavy competition.
I am a book author, a speaker, and a resource person in talks, conferences, and seminars in a variety of topics such as data analytics, data science, ethics of artificial intelligence, marketing analytics, and artificial intelligence, just to name a few. I have also been conducting training and workshops on these topics.

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in the academe, legal writing and research, and digital marketing and analytics.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Southern Philippines Foundation and a Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English from the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College.
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University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Law
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College, Secondary Education major in English
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines|English

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