Josephine Jimenez

I am a photographer and a writer who's just trying to make it through life without causing too much trouble. Just kidding, I love trouble.

Josephine Jimenez is a student at Azusa Pacific University and is double majoring in Journalism and Photography. She hopes to go on and work as a photojournalist while continuing her love of documentary and fine art photography. Most people call her Josie, for short.

Josephine loves blogging and meeting new people. In her blog, The Wandering People, she combines the two by asking anyone and everyone she comes into contact with a single question. Those answers are posted in an attempt to enable others to think outside of what they're doing by reading each other's stories. The Wandering People is a blog that hopes to get people to think about the bigger picture.

To satisfy her love of blogging and humor even further, she has a personal blog, Blank Books, where she writes about whatever comes to mind. Most of her blog posts are satirical and humorous with a few serious pieces thrown in.

Currently, Josephine enjoys her freelance writing and photography. She is currently working in her university's darkroom and photo lab in order to hone her photography skills. Her current photography project is entitled "Subject Yourself," which is a series of self portraits.

Josephine currently resides in Azusa, California.
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